Sunday, 10 August 2008


Firstly, let me apologise for the lack of action round these parts of late. Things have been a bit intense, to say the least. I promise to try harder in future. Maybe not as hard as scatman Stan, who seems to be able to bang out posts as fast as he soils socks, but definitely harder.

Anyway, the reason things are intense is Tilly (which is as good a name as any). Ever fallen in love with somebody your flatmate thinks you shouldn't have fallen in love with? Love might be too strong a word, though maybe I'm just being cautious.

It's just that, after all the shit I've been through this past year, she's arrived on the scene and all the scary stuff that leaps out at me in the middle of a dope-induced paranoia attack - wheelchairs, life support machines, a load of indifferent, coke-snorting fuckstains at my funeral - suddenly doesn't seem so bad. Life feels like it's being lived rather than waited out right now. Life is crack.

Anyway, meet Tilly:



Angela-la-la said...

Ooh. Has she seen this?

Anonymous said...

Umm, so your dating a sexy nazi zombie? Not bad, Not-Keith! Does she fight werewolves?

I think it's a lovely ode to the one who deals the crack of life out to you. Nothing says I'm kinda on the fence about being in love with you, but I truly enjoy our time together like this piece of art you've created.

I love it-love it in a Rob Zombie, Robert Rodriguez kind of way.

Not Keith said...

angela-la-la: Hello! Er, no. Not yet. By 'yet' I mean 'while I breathe'.

Selena: Wotcha! No, I'm (quite clearly I think) dating a phenomenally sexy nazi face-sitting cannibal. I'm glad you love it, though, and always glad when you take the time to comment.

Mrs. Hall said...

Well, if you do show it to Tilly, it would be a litmus test of sorts.

I had dated a few artists in my time and modeled over the years for those 'life drawing' classes.

I always found it fascinating how the artist would take my image and display through their medium.

I wonder about this image. I mean, what the hell? Is this what you feel about her? Why are you using the symbolism of Tilly ripping your guts out, in full nazi regalia, while you um... are doing what you are doing?

Is that you underneath? I mean, what is the meaning of this? Maybe you don't have any translation.

Just curious Mr. Not Keith.

Mrs. Hall

Anonymous said...

I always get my zombies and my cannibals confused and it has nothing at all to do with your drawing. It's simply a failing of mine.

It is as you said, "quite clear", to me now, that Tilly (as good a name as any) is indeed depicted as a phenomenally sexy nazi face-sitting cannibal.

Also, I'm ashamed to say- I just now noticed the face sitting part.

Post more. You and Stan, need to post more. However, I understand it's hard to do, now that you're addicted to crack.

Not Keith said...

Mrs Hall: Hello! I'm rather taken with your blog banner. As for what does it all mean, I can't say exactly. It's by no means indicative* of our relationship. I suppose there's a bit of a running theme of emasculation in my pics which is probably down to my fears for the future. As filtered through the thematic device of nazi facesitting cannibals.

*entirely indicative

selena: I'll try and post more. I'm starting to enjoy the writing side of it, though (and I hate to say it) it's a bit daunting when most of my visitors come here from Betty's place.

La BĂȘte said...

I've been meaning to say, how come you're so nice to other people? And so perennially unpleasant to me? Oh, and something else. What in the name of suffering Christ is going on in your rancid, festering mind?

Just curious.

Oh, and by the way, I'm using your computer. Nice porn.

Mrs. Hall said...

Just an FYI: I took the blog banner from somewhere on the interweb. I can't remember where I stole it from. But, it's mine for now. mmwaah haa ha!

I wanted something that was not like anything else and sort of looked like me. And viola, now it is my banner and avatar!

I have other thoughts on this particular image you drew. But, I think it is best to let it be.

Looking forward to more of your drawings.

Take care Mr. Not Keith.


Mrs. Hall

Anonymous said...

Ahh, yes- I can see how that would be a bit intimidating... but it's not a contest or race between you and Bete, it's just a simple little place to write down some thoughts and feelings that you have on your mind and chest (the place where the feelings dwell)- that are accesible by the entire world... that's all ;-)

Not Keith said...

Betty: because these people are strangers. You I love. There's nothing wrong with nazi face sitters. They're nazis with a small 'n'. As for the porn, fine. Just don't bang one out to Emily Marilyn. Promise me.

Mrs Hall: I'd be very interested in your other thoughts. I hope you'll continue to drop by.

selena: I know, I know. It just feels a bit like Jeffrey Archer and Martin Amis starring in the Odd Couple.