Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Prison Train of the Big-Titted Nazi Face-Sitting Cannibals

For Mrs Hall.

Lame? Immature? Moi?



Selena said...

It's just...*single tear*...it's beautiful!

The bunny rabbit is a nice touch.

Clearly you are attempting to achieve greater self-wareness through your chosen medium. (immature, maybe so, maybe not-oh, ok; I'm with you on that, but it's funny)

What does the Bunny symbolize?
Do Nazi face sitting cannibals only capture certain types of men?

DAS BUFFET! HA HA- Eat and Be Eaten; The Buffet That Goes Both Ways

Oh and I like the use of water color (washes) with the ball point. Still not quite Christopher Nolasco...on the water color front but keep trying!

Do you use any other mediums, besides the ball point and occasional foray into water colors? Acrylics, oils, prisma color markers, even? Just wondering...

Have a pleasant day!

Ani Smith said...

That poor bunny!!! You awful, AWFUL man.

[I want that uniform.]

Mrs. Hall said...

Hmm. I am not sure what to say here. But, um, thanks for the dedication.

I wish you the best in your artistic endeavors.

Mrs. Hall

Not Keith said...

selena: Hi. It's actually Rotring isograph (.25) rather than biro this time. I've got some acrylics and a couple of canvasses which I keep meaning to play with, but I'm lacking the courage at the moment. The one thing I'd like to do is crack painting. It's bloody hard and takes ages, but (shakes fist at heavens) I will paint something not shit one day. And thanks, as ever, for the very kind words.

ani: Hello again. I think I am an awful man. However, my sympathies lie with the poor MAN about to be butchered YOU MONSTER. Didn't Hugo Boss design the Nazi uniforms? I think he did. I can't understand why everybody isn't wearing them. Armbands optional.

Mrs Hall: What you should say is something mischievously critical so we can continue this cycle of you inspiring me to draw things. You are my muse. Anyway, your comment had a note of finality about: don't be a stranger.

Selena said...

You're welcome, as always. I have no idea what a Rotring isograph pen is, but it sounds like it has lasers, so in my books that's pretty spiffy.

Mrs. Hall,

I too, would like you to stick around.

Mrs. Hall said...

Not Keith: I realize we have a bit of a cycle going on here. And while I appreciate being a muse, I am not appreciative of what I am inspiring. My goal in this, and in life really, it to be a love monger. To spread positivity as it were. And this drawing, much like the last, has ugly all over it.

It is not so much the ugly though, I don't mind ugly. It is the intent, the purpose for this drawing. There is a bit of disconnected and predictable drama to it.

Over all, I have enough drama in my life. (see my blog if you have any doubt). So, in order to keep my life balanced, I seek out artist people and places, which lead me to this blog.

And make no mistake, I truly believe your technique is excellent. You have talent.

The things I enjoy from this blog are "Creepy man with Creepy hand". This is true art. This effects me. I dare say it's brillant.

In short, if I am the inspiration for "Prision train" than I think I am done. I don't want to be responsible for that. I must reiterate my comments that 'shocking' or 'provactive' artwork is, in my view, the technique of kids. It is defensive move on the artist's part. And defensives defend and get in the way of their truth. It is kid stuff. And I am a grown up. This is my view.

And I like bunnies. They are cute, fluffy and soft. I really like them. I am really upset about the bunny. No need to drag innocent woodland creatures into this.

So, I think I am done. But there are plenty of people out there, just waiting to be a muse.

Take care:

Mrs. Hall