Friday, 21 March 2008

fuck this life and fuck this blog

I’ve started this blog because, if I may speak frankly, I’m fucked off about this stupid fucking life of mine. Today I am mostly fucked off about the following things:

* It’s 95% certain that I’ve got MS

* My ex-girlfriend is fucking my best friend

* I’ve just turned 30 and I fucking hate my life

Besides that though, everybody keeps a blog these days so why the fuck shouldn’t I? How difficult can it be? Bored now. But I’m gonna keep on going because I’ve got fuck all else to do at the moment. It seems to be the done thing stating a blog when you turn 30 and decide that you need to turn your life around. I definitely need to turn my life around but I have a slight problem in that I hate writing, so this probably won’t last very long. Christ my attitude stinks.


La Bête said...

Does this mean you're not going to link to me?

Selena said...

I guess this blog is not helping then?

I hope things get a little easier to cope with soon, and wish you well.

Tamara said...

Oh, Keith. I don't think you're a terrible person. I just think you made a mistake.

But Stan, on the other hand....

Just kidding. I don't know either of you, but I like you both because the webs you weave and subsequently post about are endlessly entertaining.