Sunday, 14 September 2008

Eat my dust

I'm gone, outta here, vamoosed.

I'm now here.

This place was born out of anger, bitterness and not a little madness. I've moved on since then. Plus, the design sucks bears. I know I could probably pimp it up a little - and maybe even make the pictures fit on the damn page - but I fancy a clean break.

This is probably raising expectations of the new place; don't go there with bated breath or anything. It's just a remix of some of the pictures which I've humbly chosen to call "Greatest Hits". There should be more stuff to follow, though, as I hope to make a bit more of a go of this blogging thing.

Anyway, tips and criticisms of the new place are welcome, as long as they're along the lines of "I don't know of any earthly way you could make it better."

Thanks to everyone who's ever left a kind word - or any kind of word, really - on these pages. You've helped me enormously through some tough times. I'd like to buy you all some cake. Then ply you with drugs and give you head. My cold sore's cleared up, in case you were worried.

Oh, and don't forget to update any bookmarks, blog feeds, or any other technological doodahs you use to stalk me, you filthy bastards, as I don't want to be left out here with my cock dangling and no one to see it.

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