Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Urethra Franklin

I can now reliably inform anyone who's interested that having your urethra swabbed is the fetish of tomorrow. All tomorrow's sex parties are going to be all about the swabbing.

All clear. Thank fuck.

Here's a celebratory pic. Which could have also been a commiseratory (is that even a word?) pic.

I make that Pimms o'fucking clock.



Selena said...

I'm glad you don't have "the chlamydia."

is the proper place to have your urethra swabbed on a red patent leather barstool?

Anonymous said...

is that a drawing of me?

ps: there's something wrong with your comment widget. it keeps asking me to sign in to wordpress but I am already signed so now I've have had to leave this comment anonymously

Not Keith said...

selena: I can think of no more appropriate a place. Tissue-covered couch in a cubicle smelling of disinfectant would have been harder to draw. Especially the smell bit. I'm crap at drawing smells.

nurse myra! May I just say that I'm a big fan of the gimcrack? Corset fridays are a favourite. Can't think why. Now I think on it, you were probably an inspiration. I shall look into the widget thing with alacrity.

Selena said...

Fair enough, fair enough...