Saturday, 5 July 2008


I'm really not good at painting and I wasn't going to post this, but Stan says I should because otherwise I'll never post anything. He may have a point. Danny Gregory posts his turds too, so I guess it's okay. It was meant to be an eyeball with tentacles that had stolen someone's face, and I used gouache, watercolours and ink and it turned out shit. I was thinking of polishing it up a bit, but I can't be arsed.



Ani Smith said...

Oh, I don't know. You're being too hard on yourself. It's... it's um... it's got... ummmm...

No. You're right. It's a turd. But, we all have them. ;)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps water color, just isn't your medium. Although, the shading on the cheek/nose/upper lip area turned out fair enough.

Not Keith said...

ani: You weren't meant to agree with me. I thought that was obvious. I may never wield a brush again and it's all your fault.

selena: "Fair enough" is more than I was hoping for. Please have a word with ani.

I think I'm fast becoming a comments veteran.